Puberty hit me hard and when I mean hard. I mean as hard as Thor’s hammer was going to hit Loki in Thor Ragnarok 2017, yes that hard. I’m talking huge pimples, spots, the whole show. So trust me, as a reliable source when I say I can assure you this worked for me.
These are some things I multitask with, both skin and hair. Also being a naturalista (if you didn’t see my post on natural hairstyles to try out, check it out its pretty dope) I’ve experimented with quite a bunch of stuff which gives me certain credibility here.
I used aloe vera just for my hair until someone introduced me to the benefits of aloe vera on the face. With a little bit of research, which I will be sharing below I was able to get some results.
1. One of the benefits of aloe vera is it can be used as a toner. Mix pure aloe vera gel gotten from aloe vera plant with rosewater which is known to control excess oil and can help control acne and a few drops of essential oils, if you have its not compulsory. Take a small amount and rub on your face, leave it overnight for best results.
2. For dark sun spots you can mix aloe vera gel with vitamin e pill and rose water. This would help to fade away those dark spots. Leaving this mixture till the next morning might increase how soon you see results.
3. Putting aloe vera on dark circles, if you have them, brightens up the eyes, removing the darkness and it gets rid of puffiness.
4. For dry skin aloe vera mixed with coconut oil can be applied overnight leaving your face and body feeling properly moisturized by morning. It provides deep mosturization and is a quick solution for dry skin.
5. As we all know lemon is a natural bleaching agent if you didn’t know before you know it now. When mixed with aloe vera which is a gentle exfoliator it helps to remove dead skin cells. I won’t advice leaving this overnight because for some people lemon can be a little harsh on the skin but this can be used to treat spots on the face and also to get glowing skin. Also little tip don’t use this in the daytime then go out into the sun it will literarily burn your skin.
6. For skin whitening, mix aloe vera gel with vitamin e pill and honey. The benefits of honey cannot be overemphasized and this helps with lightening different parts for those who have uneven skin tone.
7. Mix aloe Vera gel with almond oil, and massage that oil at night for a smooth skin. This makes the skin soft and smooth. And it removes dead skin cells.

The aloe vera gel is used to make a lot of facial masks now but these masks might have other things added to it. By leaving pure aloe vera gel on the skin like a facial mask, it treats different skin conditions and is good for oily skin, dry skin and combination of both.
But please do your research as I am only speaking from a personalized point of view. I am in no way a dermatologist or medical practitioner of any kind. In everything it is always best to find what works for you. Some people might not like to use aloe vera because it is sticky and their skin might be allergic to it so try it out let me know in the comments how it goes. Don’t forget to be patient with results, the outcome won’t show up in a day and remember to keep smiling.

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