1. Praise acting President Osinbajo : President Buhari may also seize the opportunity to praise acting President Osinbajo for his sterling leadership in his absence.

2. Speak on restructuring, quit notice and agitation: The president may also speak on some of the agitations in the country. Many have been calling for the country’s restructuring while some are agitating for a break away. the preisident may also condemn the quit notice issued to the Igbos in the north by Arewa youths.

3. Assures Nigerians that he has no plans to resign the mandate given him by the people: The president may also hint Nigerians about his plan concerning resignation since many have called for him to resign due to his state of health. This will give him the opportunity to dispel rumour and show that he is ready to continue ruling Nigeria.

4. Assures Nigerians of his state of health:The president may also assure Nigerians that the worst his over and that he has fully regained his health back.

5.Praise the military for gallantly fighting against Boko Haram: The president may also praise the military for their fight against Boko Haram terrorists in the north east.

6.Speak about cabinet reshuffle: The president may also tell Nigerians about his plans to reshuffle his cabinet.

7. Thank Nigerians for your prayers: The president may also appreciate Nigerians for their prayers, support and goodwill during his absence.