‘Don’t spend your money trying to make a man marry you by force, spend your money on yourself’- actress Liz Anjorin advises Ladies

She gave the advice in a new post on her page on IG. She wrote;

DO YOU KNOW;‎ BEAUTY, BIG BOOBS, BIG BUMS in women: SIX PACK, HEIGHT, HANDSOMENESS in men, doesn’t determine intelligence, intellectual/beautiful brain or good altitude in women/men.. Don’t be intimidated by your rivals, your in-law or in-law to be; stand your ground, show everybody how brilliant and smart you are. Ladies, don’t spend your dime in seeking trash on any man to marry you by force: what is yours will be yours and what is not yours will never stay(if you like go to mountain of fire) instead pray for yourself, spend the money on yourself, wear good cloth, smell nice, look elegant… Let them call you any trashy names they called good looking babe-never bother, secure yourself with any legit job that can support you; don’t just seat and be saying no job- find something tangible to do… Don’t speak useless accent and don’t form posh to people of your tribe that can help your situation or your career bcos some of these people are well educated and speaks flawless english than you, infact, their primary 6 then is better than Bsc holder of today.. You speaking English to your fellow Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa will only make them see you as an unserious, rude and arrogant fellow except they speak in english to you. It’s better to speak your language with pure humility; smile, be generous and ready to serve… Don’t expect the rich ones to give you money or material things, even if you are hungry: pretend as if you are fine, don’t appear cheap, don’t turn yourself to Begi Begi bcos the spirit of beggar can make you lose your self-respect, even with the little you have: make sure you give to the rich ones. If you ask me why, cos you need to sow and if you want to sow, sow wisely, your gigantic harvest is near… ‎#whitedragon#smallgirlwitbigbrainwitbiggestGod

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