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Eight things to know before you apply to unilag


Eight things to know before you apply to unilag

Unilag gate

Unilag gate

1. Don’t  fail Maths and/or English

If you had anything below a C6 in English and/ or Maths in the West African Examination Council examinations do not even bother to apply into any University of  Lagos programme. There’s  no long or short story for this.

2. Be prepared to write  JAMB more than once

It’s  a sad but true fact. One thing I know I will tell all my siblings or anyone who cares to listen is that if they want to get into unilag, they should get ready to write the Joint Admissions  and Matriculation  Board (JAMB)  examinations more than once. This is because  of the hindrances like cut off marks for various courses especially medicine and surgery  or science  related courses,  Law,  Engineering, and other “Hot cake courses”. But if you wish to study igbo, education or minor science courses(yes I said minor, for example marine Sciences) my dear,  go ahead. If you don’t  wish to write Jamb again,  please use the backup  plan or follow the advice I am about to render.

3. Have above 200 In  JAMB

I know that JAMB will officially  tell you that you can enter any higher institution with 180 and above,  but trust me, not Unilag. Also, for the minor courses, you must have a score of 200 or more before you can be considered. Courses like Law, Engineering, Medicine  all need higher scores obviously  in order to beat the competition.

4. Be prepared to lie about everything
Be it age,  state of origin,  Surname, name,  dearie,  just lie so that  you can enter school. It seems fraudulent but there are ways to amend for these lies and I would explaim further in subsequent  posts.

5. You must have connections
I am a living witness to this fact. Be it wireless or nonwireless connection, please and please stay connected. If the Vc is your distant cousin,  biko start reconnecting. If the dean of a faculty is  your best friend’s friends uncle,  nne connect. You don’t  know who could help your soul.

6. The backup plan
If you are in unilag already,  we know what they call Foundation programme (diploma) . Make no mistake,  if you can  use this method to enter into school,  I highly recommend.  The only downside is that it is expensive. Last  I heard,  it costs about #400,000 just to startup excluding  acceptance fee charges and other costs. Another disadvantage is that you would not be able to enter fully as a student unless you pass a JAMB approved examination.

7.Keep your eyes open
No matter how good your result may have been, there could still be flaws in the setup( this is Nigeria people). So please keep your ears to the ground. All your conne play a vital role here. Ask questions,  don’t  stay  at home and expect God to do it for you when you cannot fight for yourself.

8.  Pray
I don’t  know if you are a Christian,Muslim, Traditionalist, or atheist. This is the time to believe in God. If you can fast,  do. If you can pray, please do. Don’t  let what people  say get to you and I am sure that the man upstairs  would listen.

There is no such thing as chance or luck,  heaven helps those  who help themselves. Goodluck!

By Naza

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