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Falz’s “Sweet Boys association” the new Yoruba demons?


Falz’s “Sweet Boys association” the new Yoruba demons?

Top Music act Falz the Bahd guy recently started a movement he calls “SBA” short for “sweet boys association”,The rapper went as far as at starting a registration website for this course and after the release of an official SBA anthem, some questions remain unanswered on social media.


The obvious intention of starting this movement was for promoting his new single titled Sweet boys but even Falz would be overwhelmed by how this idea was received on social media.The hashtags;the videos;the posts, these and more have shown the kind of impact the rapper has on social media.

Through all of this its hard not to notice the intent of certain group of boys to hijack this movement, these group of boys are none other than the “Yoruba demons” you know, the dapper looking guys on Instagram with well trimmed beards and smooth looking skin, the ones girls wont stop calling “players” on twitter yet melt as soon as they slide into their DMs and even though Falz the self-acclaimed “president” of this movement wouldn’t mind these guys on his bandwagon,for the sake of reducing the stories of heartbreak on social media, it’s only safe to ask are Yoruba demons the new sweet boys? is it time to run away from the movement or are our National demons suddenly angels overnight?



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