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Fani-Kayode: “Sheriff Is A Thug Who Walked Out On GEJ & Insulted Governors”


Fani-Kayode: “Sheriff Is A Thug Who Walked Out On GEJ & Insulted Governors”

Trust Femi Fani-Kayode to always use strong words. He wrote:

What happened at the PDP meeting yesterday did not surprise me at all. I was there and witnessed the whole thing. Ali Modu Sheriff lived up to his reputation of being a disrespectful bullly and thug.

Walking out on your leader and a gentleman like President Goodluck Jonathan despite all his appeals for restraint, calm and peace is not the way forward.

And openly threatening and insulting the Governors, members of the PDP Board of Trustees, the PDP National Assembly caucus, the PDP former Ministers Forum, the PDP former Governors forum, the PDP Womens Caucus, the PDP Youth Caucus and 95 per per cent of the party leadership is not the way to prove your credentials as a leader.

Only barbarians behave in this way. To make matters worse after you walk out of the meeting you tell the world that you are now the leader of the party and that you will have nothing to do with Jonathan’s peace initiatives anymore.

Clearly the man is governed and ruled by his ego and not by his brain. He had a great opportunity to settle this issue once and for all yesterday and he blew it simply because he insisted on being addressed as National Chairman by all and sundry at the meeting which no-one was prepared to do.

Sheriff is a sick man. He needs help. He is uneducated and he is primitive. He is closer to beast than man. Worse still he is working for the APC.

I said this from day one last year when they first went to the hole that he comes from in Chad and brought him to lead our party.

Nothing good can ever come from him. Nothing clean or wholesome can come from a gangster who is prepared to sell his soul to the devil and destroy his own political party in return for a few crumbs. May God judge him for his greed, cowardice and wickedness.

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