Guess What? Kiss Daniel could Just be the new international celebrity out of Nigeria following Wizkid

kiss daniel

Even if you are not a lover of music, you would definitely have come to know the know the one many believe to be the real 2016 next rated artiste in Nigeria. Has it ever struck you that Kiss Daniel could be the follower to Starboy Wizkid? Have you ever before searched through the list of brand-new generation songs as well as taken into consideration Kiss Daniel to be the successor to move the frontier of Nigerian songs in the years to coming? Is it feasible that the title of Kiss Daniel’s cd,”New Era,” is a revelation?

These were the ideas that went through my mind after a close friend stated throughout our conversations that, “Kiss Daniel is not an artiste in the meantime however one for the future. He advises me of the young Tubaba as well as of DaddyYo throughout their very early years.” My buddy, that has actually seen exactly how occasions unravel and also the patterns of the sector for several years, stated “you consider an additional artiste that is flexible and sufficient to attempt brand-new songs designs as well as still continually produce hit singles like DaddyYo……the name that enters your mind is Kiss Daniel.”

While a great deal of new celebrities of the last 2 to 3 years, depend so a lot on sector patterns to produce their songs, Kiss Daniel has actually constantly made hit singles by relying on in his very own imaginative abilities, that’s why you rarely ever discover a Kiss Daniel track as an example of an another artiste track in the music sector. Take his just recently launched ‘Yeba’ track for example, the tune is evocative of the powerful Igbo tunes from the 90’s. The track struck the marketplace at the moment when a lot of the pop music were beginning to appear alike yet Kiss Daniel raised the bar higher and released something seperate from the norm, this has been a major strategy Wizkid has employed in distinguishing himself from the bunch and creating brand-new market fads.

This exact pace-setting attribute played to the benefit of Tubaba in the very early 2000s, when he so wonderfully put out his hearts in most of his tunes, that it obtained global attention and ignited a strong desire for Nigerian songs as well as in African songs. Tubaba’s Grace To Grace cd created by OJB Jezrel and also the track, African Queen specifically obtained attentio resulting in the break into the worldwide market and also Tubaba has remained pertinent in the market by launching a collection of classic songs.

Among his peers, Tubaba attracted attention for the ease with which he explored various beats varying from Reggae to RnB to Spirit songs and also a great deal of various other categories; making hit singles from each of these distinctive beats. His African Queen seems completely unique from “for instance”, “Enter the place”, “Holy pass”  and “only me” however they all became his followers’ favorite. Tubaba came to be the artist that could work with unfamiliar beats as well as still generate hit tracks from them, that has obtained him the regard of followers in as well as out of Africa.

In current times, Wizkid has actually taken the front ranking in the globalization of the African music.

His lengthy checklist of hit tracks run from Surulere to the cities in United States, with various audios as well as designs being understood and merged to create these music hits. As well lots of hits from virtually all beats feasible as well as I assume one of his most significant toughness and skills is in the reality that he sees it cool to work with beats that a great deal of various other artists would certainly sweat on. As soon as Wizkid leaped on the ‘Beat of Life,’ all the questioning Thomas’ began to see opportunities in making songs out of the ‘difficult’ beat, Sarz revealed.

Looking among the brand-new celebrities, Kiss Daniel is one artiste with this kind of capacity to tame beats that are regarded hostile to various other artiste. He has actually functioned with various beat producers as well as on various types of beat however continually, he has actually revealed that he has the unusual capacity to handle virtually any type of kind of beat and also transform them right into a hit track.

Masterkraft’s tunes did not provide Kiss Daniel an issue, rather he demonstrated how functional he is with the success of their collective item, Jombo. He dealt with Beatburx and also Jay Sleek to produce various other tunes on his “New Era” cd and also it won him the cd of the year honor. Kiss Daniel has actually located a new producer and companion in Killertunes and their time with each other in the workshop has developed ‘Sofa’ as well as the presently trending hit called Yeba.

Tubaba has led his colleagues to move Nigerian songs forward previously, Wizkid is now marching the present army of Nigerian artiste to the global front, while the future generation songs super stars are seeing Kiss Daniel in his unannounced rise to become the leading star in the sector. My close friend stated, “Kiss Daniel is making use of every one of these songs as an accumulation for the age when he is the leading star in the songs market in Nigeria and beyong,” and also I concur absolutely.

Nigerian American rapper, Lanre Dabiri a.k.a Eldee tweeted regarding a particular young artist, anticipating that the artist is the future of Nigerian songs. His tweet on the eventful day review:”@wizkidayo if you do not know this man, you recognize absolutely nothing regarding the future of Naija songs …” as well as today, I’m claiming, if you do not know Kiss Daniel today,  you’re uninformed of the power-sharing (powershift) readied to take place in our sector.

If you are familiar with the Nigeria music industry, understand trends, have an eagle eye-view and a knack for spotting talents, what are your views about the Yeba crooner, Kiss Daniel and do you think it is accurate to say he is the new genration Wizkid today?

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