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Help! I’ve Been Having Passionate Romp with a Married Woman


Help! I’ve Been Having Passionate Romp with a Married Woman

A young stud has express his worry over a secret s*xual affair he is having with a married woman who has somewhat become possessive. 

My lover and I have a passionate s*x life – and equally passionate rows. She was furious when she thought I was seeing another woman and yet she is cheating on her husband with me.
We’ve been seeing each other for two years and we meet nearly every day and have s*x whenever we can. We work in the same department store, she’s in fashion, I’m in IT.
I’m 41 and she’s 39, with a teenage son. I’ve never been married but I’ve always had an eye for the ladies.
We got together at a work do and we seemed to click. We then went on a training course for a week and we spent a lot of time in each other’s rooms — and the inevitable happened.
One night I told her not to go back to her room but to stay with me. We kissed and ended up having s*x and she admitted that her marriage was over.
It sounds crazy but I proposed to her and she accepted but said we could only be truly together after she divorced. We enjoy great s*x when we can find time to be together but she doesn’t seem to be in a rush to leave her husband.
My mate’s cousin called round one night for a chat. She’s 26 and lovely and she was really flirty. She came on to me and I didn’t see what harm I was doing. It was just s*x.
I took her through to my bedroom and we couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough. Afterwards I told her we couldn’t be an item because I was seeing someone else and it was a one-off.
She continued to text me for a few days after that, though. My lover saw my phone and went mad and accused me of cheating on her.
Yet she is sleeping with somebody else — me, behind her husband’s back.
She makes me out to be the worst person in the world and yet she can’t even see what she is doing.
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