How I wasted 10yrs of my life on Comedy – Teju babyface

“All the years i spent as a stand up comedian was nothing but a waste of time”, Popular show host, Teju Baby Face said in a recent interview with one of our source

Teju said his calling wasn’t stand up comedy but rather mentoring and teaching and his television programme, “The Teju Baby Show” has given him the opportunity to fulfill his life calling.

Teju speaking at his “”, said people can work hard and still leave in penury, advising everyone to work smart and find what they can do effortlessly, but in excellence, so that they can add value, because it is only when you add value that you will get wealth easily.

“To say the truth, all the years I spent doing stand up comedy were nothing but a waste of time. It was later I found out my calling is in mentorship and teaching. That is why I am doing this now”, he said.

Teju Babyface  is the lead mentor at the Teju Baby Face mentorship academy, a resource hub for the mentoring and empowerment of young Africans.

Though he started his career as both an actor and a comedian, his first major break was the creation of his hit talk show, The Teju Baby Face Show, which he still produces and runs on TV stations across the nation.

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