Indeed this is love, when a man risks his life just to prove what he feels for a lady. And when the lady still rejects him, what does he do?

This is the story of a man who treks from Lagos to Zaria because of a lady. He did it for a lady Sharon Donald, who is not interested in his love.


The lady said she knew Agbaje was embarking on the trek, adding that she warned him against it. She said she had never had any relationship with him, describing him as a stalker.

According to her :

“Tunde Agbaje has been harassing and stalking me for the past six years and as far as I am concerned, this is just a new escapade in a series of his harassment.
This guy is mentally unstable, because how can you still be stalking a woman who has turned you down for six years?”
She calls it “mental instability”, i call it Love