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“My girlfriend likes s ex too much – please help me”


“My girlfriend likes s ex too much – please help me”

From Nairaland:

It all started from just friends, to admirers and now we are dating. I have been with Joy for like a year now, we work around the same area, so it makes it easier for us to see daily. She comes to my office after work and i drop her at home on many occasions. Joy is the kind of girl that makes a man drool. her look, her physique, her smartness is just appealing. I always look forward to seeing her, she has a way of making me feel good.

She loves cuddling, we could cuddle for hours, make love and get intimate as we desire but she is never satisfied. i told her i’m actually not ready to have s ex with her but she sees it like i’m cheating. she initiates s ex with me most times and i just pull back. we fought on different occasions over this issue and it makes me wonder why she loves s ex so much. As much as i love her, i don’t want her to think i’m taking advantage of her at all, so i decided to take it slow.

I wouldn’t never forget the night she slept over at my place. It was a Saturday evening, she made dinner and we were together in the lobby, i noticed all her gestures but i just ignored her. The next thing she was all over me, kissing me and touching me with great intensity, i tried pulling back but she was ready for me. it’s funny if i tell you she raped me. she had sex with me that night, i don’t know how she did it, o don’t know maybe she drugged me, but i know i woke up different.

Since that night, i started craving for more of her, she made me miss her so much. We have s ex at intervals. there was no limitation to where we use. Most times, we make love in the kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, even in the car and she was still never satisfied, even if we go on for hours. She begs me for the most unrealistic styles during s ex and most times i just run and tell her to have a grip on herself.

Well, i’m sitting alone now, thinking of how i’ve let this girl have a grip on me, i always want more of her but i can’t just satisfy her. She is never tired. on many occasion, we go on for 3 hours and she still tells me its not enough, she’s making me weaker. I really don’t know how to handle this situation. I love having s ex with her so much, most times she sends her nu de pictures to me even at work but i can’t tolerate her craving for long hours s ex. I feel she would kill me one day with s ex, help what should i do?

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