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Newly Married Man Stabbed To Death By Wife’s Ex-Lover


Newly Married Man Stabbed To Death By Wife’s Ex-Lover

A newly married man has been brutally murdered as he was stabbed to death by his wife’s jealous ex.

24-year-old newlywed woman, Svetlana Kostina, escaped kidnapping after her jealous ex knifed her new husband to death and then drove off with her – to build a new life together.

According to The Sun UK, the lady and her new hubby Dmitry Vladimirov, 26, were preparing to go away on honeymoon when her ex turned up at their home in Kirov, northwest Russia.

As Dmitry answered the door, the jilted attacker, who has not been named, plunged a knife into his stomach, stabbing him repeatedly until he collapsed in a pool of blood.

He then dragged the horrified blonde out of the bedroom where she had been hiding and forced her into his car, telling her he planned on building a new future with her.

According to police, she played along until they stopped at a petrol station where she managed to escape and raise the alarm.

The crazed wannabe kidnapper was captured shortly afterwards.
When cops arrived at the newlyweds’ home they found the husband dead.

A police report said: “The suspect was planning to run away to another region. He was planning to live with Svetlana and have children with her.

“The suspect was taken into custody and will remain there until the investigation is over. He will then face court.”

Distraught Svetlana later took to social media where she poured out her grief.

She posted: “God gifted me love, family and happiness. But two months later all of this was taken away from me… One day we will meet again. I love you as I have never loved in my life.”

The ex husband is now facing life behind bars.

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