This post is particularly hard for me not just because I can’t relate but also because I think by some unspoken bro code guys are not meant to have nicknames. Unspoken bro code you ask, for example don’t look at each other while making use of the urinal or always supporting your bro in whatever lie he’s telling his babe. But that’s a post for another day. Being in between a millennial and an old person, I know most nicknames for guys are from their significant other and its either babe or honey. If your girlfriend happens to be a very creative one or you like nicknames then good for you, you might get names like honey pie, cutie and the likes.
Some people also come up with nicknames based on specific unique traits or even experiences they have with their significant other just like Ifemelu had the nickname for Obinze in Chimamanda Adichie’s book ‘Americanah’. Unnecessary information but go read the book if you haven’t, it’s good.
Nicknames though are given by people who are somewhat close to you. It can be friends, family or based on some traits displayed at work or people who are trying to feel special “Oh I’m the only one who calls you that name” okay phil, you and fifty other people I gave a fake name to but OKAY!

But coming up for nicknames for guys can be very tough honestly so if you’re in a new relationship probably still in the mushy phase then well I hope you find this article helpful. Some examples of nicknames for guys include honey bunny, sweet cheeks, love bug, pudding pie, hot chocolate, cookie, sweetie pie and every other sweet sugary food in the recipe book. Also you can try shortening a name he has only both of you know about and other women he has dated but hey, I’m not here to ruin anything. A childhood name he had before which would be embarrassing coming out from the mouth of his guys but which only family and you are allowed to call him. Below are some more like:
Baby: if he literarily behaves like a child
Darling: yes, if you’re back in the 80s
Handsome: if he’s not handsome then ‘dear’ is okay.
Honey bear: if he’s you know…huge he can be your bear.
My love: awwn this will forever be cute to me
My angel: when he’s your guardian angel sent from the heavens
Marshmallow: when he’s squishy and soft with a heart pure and white like a marshmallow
Superstar: if he’s an upcoming talent. Try and support the hustle.
My other half: when he makes you complete. The ying to your yang. Cream to your coffee. Thunder to your lightening and other weird figurative language like that.
Muffin: well I think this is pretty self explanatory
Tiger: against popular belief some guys actually do have stretch marks, So call them as it is given.
Mr. Right: Again self explanatory
My world: oooouuuu! he’s the orbit to your world. My world revolves around you Neymar junior, reason for my existence sorry I got a little carried away there.

But honestly I just feel when you meet the right person the right words would just roll out of your mouth when you’re trying to describe the person and that, my dear, is the nickname you’ve been looking for. Just before I round up this article I have a secret nickname I particularly like ‘my heartbeat’, mmmmhhhhmmmm yes baby Neymar junior. Let me know in the comments what your nickname for your man is and how you came up with it. Keep smiling.

further reading: www.zoosk.com

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