Photos: 14-Year-Old Junior Secondary School Boy Designs Football Stadium With Bits Of Wood

According to a picture shared by sports journalist, Saddick Adams, a 14-year-old boy constructed a model of a multi-purpose stadium using pieces of wood which he also took time to paint.

Many Facebook users have praised the young man’s talent, urging him to keep up the good work as it would lead him to a better place in life. See some of their reactions below: “He can sell that on Ebay I’m sure there will be huge bid for it.”

Someone offered him a job: “Potential architect, inbox me his contact. can work with him.” “Pursue your career in architecture. God will see you through”

“Architectural perfection. He is amazingly talented.” “Who is the mother of this boy oh what a great art I’ve never seen it before 14yrs boy!!! Keep being technical as your dream art it shall be well, but bring God into your life so that he can guide you with care and love ❤ to achieve your dream. God bless you. #what a handy craft #” “Based on logistics, these boys talent is far more than his age, God may your will be done in his life, may his hand work and effort never go unnoticed. Amen” What do you think?

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