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The word LOL is not a new or a foreign word. Since the advent of the internet it has transformed to mean so many things. LOL stands for laugh out loud, lots of luck or lots of love (mistaken by the older generation). Imagine you send something like “oh I’m sorry your grandma died LOL). LOL can mean different things for different people, sarcasm, annoyance, and insult depending on the context which it is used. For example, it can mean “I am nervous to how you’re going to respond”, also “this is kinda serious but I don’t want it to be awkward so yeah here’s a LOL”. It can mean “Your joke is making me uncomfortable” or “I don’t want to talk to you, so let this conversation end with this LOL”. It can also mean “oh boy you do not want to get on my bad side tonight”, and then there’s loooooooooooooooooooooool which I send to my crush when he makes a not so funny joke (text me back David!).                

According to, LOL came about in the 1980s on UseNet, an early internet discussion forum typed by Wayne Pearson in Calgary on a reply to a gag by someone called “sprout” and it most likely indicates a smile or amusement and not exactly laughing out loud. LOL quickly gained fame and became popular especially among social media users and electronic media in general. It is one of, if not the most commonly used abbreviations and one of the oldest. In May 2011 it was added to the list in the most popular English dictionary which is oxford dictionary as one of its words. It is also used asides from computer or electronic based platforms during face to face interactions showing amusement.

There are different acronyms for LOL, there is LMFAO, LMAO, ROTFL, countless of them and recently there’s the smashing of keyboard one. Where they just put a couple of words on the keyboard that make no sense something like this “bsdklmknfjkngriugb”. Wow.

There’s a CBC Radio One radio show called ‘laugh out loud’ and also an ABS-CBN television show called ‘laugh out loud (TV series)’. Recently on November 2012 a face book page claimed the abbreviation LOL had an occult meaning linked with Satanism meaning ‘Lucifer our lord’. It can mean three things either people are unwillingly pledging their allegiance to Satan by saying LOL, ending their satanic prayers or it is used by Satanists to recognize their fellow worshippers. A redditor ‘DkryptX’ posted the image on reddit warning people not to use LOL again. Sarcastic comments on reddit said YOLO means ‘youths obeying Lucifer’s orders’, swag  means ‘Satan’s wishes are granted’,  rofl is  ‘rise our father Lucifer’ while brb implies ‘Beelzebub rules below’. One comment even joked that wtf isn’t an offensive question at all, it simply means ‘worship the fallen’. But if there was any truth in this claim then during the extensive research done on this word there should have been partial or any sort of link due to this reason this statement was declared false.

I believe it’s still a matter of personal choice or belief system. There are so many people who think the telephone is evil and sent by the devil to misdirect the world. Oh boy! Let me know in the comments below what you think about this claim and if there might be an ounce of truth in it. Don’t forget to leave any articles you’d like me to do and remember to keep smiling.  

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