You know those pictures that move, no I’m not talking about the ones on the newspapers in harry potter series, I mean like those ones used on twitter and which I’m sure we’ve used a couple of times as a reply to someone. Yes those are GIFs and just like so many of us don’t know the full meaning of ATMs and BRTs lets educate each other on what GIFs mean.
There are many meanings of GIF, It can mean guaranteed investment fun or global impact foundation even great internet fun, goodie it’s free and no, I didn’t make anything up, check it out yourself. But the full meaning of GIFs is graphics interchange format. It is a short animated picture popularly without sound which moves for about a second or two. It is used to portray an emotion or action and if we are being truthful, for those who use it in texts, it makes the text a whole lot funnier. Basically they’re used on Facebook, twitter and whatsapp between users. To explain it briefly It is a computer file used on the internet mostly for sending moving images.

It was created by Steve Wilhite, an American computer scientist who worked at Compuserve. He developed the GIF (graphic interchange format) in 1987. By 2016, this format had found mainstream use in website design, social media posts, workflow documents and how-to guides.
Among the thousands of file formats that exist in this modern day computing, the gif or graphics interface format has attained celebrity status in a sea of lesser known BMPs, RIPs, FIGs and MIFFs. It was honored as a ‘word of the year’ in 2012 and the creator Steven Wilhite received a lifetime achievement at the Webby Awards. GIFs can be used to provide a platform for everything from political commentary to digital art. Basically that’s all you need to know with regards to that subject, don’t forget to keep smiling.

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