I Want A Guy Who Won’t Deprive Me Of Sex – Elvina Ibru

Elvina Ibru

11th daughter of  business magnate Olorogun Ibru, Elvina Ibru, in a new interview has stated what she wants in a man.

Elvina who is a mom of one sat down for an interview with The Sun where she talked about her life, relationship and more.

Read excerpts below:

Elvina you are a beautiful woman and ever since you trimmed down, you have been simply breathtaking. Tell us about the man in your life?

(Laughter) Thank you. There is no man in my life o; really.

Is it that you are not proud of the guy you are dating right now?

No, there is no man.

Are you celibate?

Yes, I have been for a while


Why not? Do you jump into bed with just anybody. I am not saying I am celibate for religious reasons. You don’t just jump into bed with just anybody but if I meet a nice person, why not?

What are those qualities you look out for in a guy?

Hmmm… The ones that they never have (laughter). People say it is not about the looks but the heart and I say that is nonsense (laughter). The first thing you see is the physical. I like tall dark men and I don’t like those with potbellies. As far as character is concerned, honesty is important no matter how much you have, if you made your money dis-honestly I no fit follow you. For instance, if you are doing 419, it won’t happen. Honesty in your relationship is important. I always tell guys, maybe they think I am joking. Try and be open. If you have been messing around as a guy, tell me. If for instance you play away match and carry something, tell me; don’t hide it and don’t deprive me of sex because you know you have something because I will begin to worry you about myself. ‘Is it that this guy does not love me anymore?’ Just tell me ‘babe, I mess up-o, see wetin happen.’ I would say ‘oya come, make we go see doctor first, let us go and look at the case’ and after that we can talk about it because what I need from a man is a best friend. You have to be my best friend and in order for that to happen you have to be open and honest with me so we understand each other. So if for instance I am dating you now and someone sees you with a girl and then she comes to me and says ‘I saw Tony the other day with a chick, I would say ‘yes, she was wearing a short red mini skirt, high heels, her hair was dread locked, any problem?’ I don’t like people being involved in my relationship but please, don’t make me look stupid so tell me first so I go know how to arrange myself when those wicked people that want to spoil the matter come around. Generosity is very important. Honesty is also important and also he must be God fearing in which ever religion he is. I am a very liberal person. I can date a Moslem, a Buddhist probably but they have to understand my love for God. There is love in a lot of religions but as Christians we preach love but we don’t act it so yeah, he must have the fear of God, preferably a Christian.

Tell us about your son, how old is he now?

Elisha is eight, he is going to be nine next week. He means everything to me. He is my beginning and my end aside God . You no hear him name, Elisha means collecting double anointing. Elisha was the Michael Jackson of prophets. I always say that he is the most famous prophet. If he had a fan base on like say twitter he would have millions of followers. People always say ‘why did you call him Elisha rather than Elijah.’ There are so many things that follow that name. The translation is ‘my God, my salvation.’ That is number one. Number two, if you read the story of Elijah, Elisha was Elijah’s protégé and when God told Elijah that ‘time go soon reach make you dey come, ask Elisha what he wants.’ Elisha said I want double of your anointing. And you can imagine how powerful Elijah was so you now want to double that. The man said what he wanted and I believe that if you are a man and you want something you should go for it. So Elijah went back to God and He said fine, ‘as long as he is there when you are coming, no problem.’ Now that seems so simple, doesn’t it? But it is not. Elisha had to be extremely determined because if Elijah was sleep, Elisha could not sleep. What if he sleeps and wakes up and Elijah is gone? If Elijah is going to the toilet Elisha followed him. So, he was a determined soul and life is all about determination. If you want something and you are determined you will get it and true, the day God called Elijah he said ‘I am coming I just want to cross this stream but Elisha said no way, I am coming with you’ and as he crossed the stream Elijah ascended and when he was ascending Elisha grabbed his staff. He is the only prophet whose dry bones raised the dead. That is how powerful he was. So now, before Elisha, I lost twins.

Really, tell us about it?

It was just the stubbornness and too much hard work. I lost them at six and half months but I thank God. I was sad and the doctor said I was okay and I would be able to bear children again. I lost them in February 2007 but by November I was pregnant with Elisha. It did not even take up to a year for God to give me the one he said was for me. So Elisha was that double anointing I lost. It’s like my twins had come back to me in one body. Elisha is everything, he is a very sweat child, and mischevious the way a child is supposed to be, very active and intelligent. He is artistically inclined, loves music, football and animal planet and is a well rounded child and very generous.

In 2007 you gave us Idols West Africa…..

That was part of the reason I lost the twins. There was a lot going on in that period. The doctor had said I needed to rest but I just kept going.

Today we have Timi Dakolo, Omawunmi, time-tested talents from the platform. Do you have any plans to come up with something like that in the nearest future?

Well, I am cooking something but I can’t say too much right now. However, one thing I have said is that unless it is a very special franchise, I am not going for franchise again because I have too many original ideas of my own for reality shows. And unfortunately a lot of those in charge of sponsorship in corporate bodies don’t have the confidence to run with originality which is a shame. We keep bringing foreign stuff. See The Voice, Project Fame and Idols. They are all foreign meanwhile there are a lot of young hot heads in Nigeria that have original ideas. There are a couple of things cooking but I can’t open up on them yet.

What are your dreams?

Hmmm…my dreams? Wow! Do I give you the usual ones or the unusual ones? I always have two sides to me, there is the general dreams, the obvious dreams. Yes I would love to win an Oscar. Yes, I would love to win a Grammy. Yes, I would love to have billions of dollars but those are just basic dreams. But if you are talking about deep dreams, I want to be the biggest king maker ever. Someone once asked me a question ‘what is your idea of greatness’ and I said ‘how many people have become great because of you.’ So I take a pleasure in being a king maker. If you ask Omawunmi about her journey, there is no way she wouldn’t mention my name. If I have something to do with Tony becoming president tomorrow, I might think it is a small thing at the time but tomorrow anything could happen. It happened so many times with my mum and dad. I have met many people my dad helped and because of him they now listen to me. That is what I wish for my son, that when I am long gone, because of me, doors will open for him. That is one of my dreams, to make as many kings as possible. You know one thing about king makers is that kings will always come and go (laughter). Obviously, I want Elisha to grow into a well rounded and responsible gentle man. That is one of my most important dreams. And then, I want my family to become completely unified. One thing my father always clamoured for was unity. Ibru should always be one, so when I talk about my family, it is not just my brothers and sisters but the entire Ibru clan.


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