Woman crush Wednesday?

Women crush Wednesday?

Wonderful crush Wednesday?

World championship wrestling?

While cows wept?

I can bet you are probably not too familiar with the last three and yes I admit I formulated the last one. Just to throw you off, did it work? No?

The hashtag #WCW is quite popular. Since its debut on twitter and spread on Instagram, then to other social media networking sites like Facebook and tumblr. You can find these tags on all the sites mentioned above. Even in texting the other day I saw something like “what can I do to be your #WCW?”…ooooouuuuuu spicy!

#WCW is the opposite of #MCM which as you guessed is man crush Monday. #WCW as the name obviously indicates should be done on a Wednesday except if you’re making use of #WCE which is woman crush every day. Trust the internet to come up with something super convenient. Or #MCE man crush every day.

The tag #WCW is used to celebrate women. From boyfriends who use it to celebrate their girlfriends and rub it in our face that we are single. (Okay David I get it, you’re in a happy “relationship”). To men who just want to celebrate special women in their lives like close friends, acquaintances etc. Then we have people who put up pictures of different celebrities in celebration, people who celebrate their mothers. We have women who put their own pictures up using the hashtag #selflove, or celebrating their female squad. Also, women in leadership positions, charitable organizations or making a mark in the world globally.

To be someone’s #WCW is something of honor and like a media award with phrases like ‘my wcw goes to’ or ‘… deserves my wcw’. All the ladies who haven’t been any bodies wcw please let’s gather here for a selfie

It can also be used in a funny way once someone posted a hundred dollar bill with the hashtag wcw and said she’s always been there for me

The meaning varies depending on the context a good example is WCW as in World championship wrestling, no I didn’t make that one up. It’s a wrestling company owned by Ted Turner and AOL Warner before being bought out by Vince McMahon in 2001. It was at one time the greatest wrestling organization in the.

So I’m sure you already know what wcw means, duh we don’t live under a rock but just to give you more insight on the subject matter. Meanwhile if you’d like to be my wcw or mcm please leave a comment below and we can get started from there. Don’t forget to keep smiling.

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