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Woman kills Son for attempting to rape his Teenage daughter


Woman kills Son for attempting to rape his Teenage daughter

A 65-year-old woman at Sakkavayal village of Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu, India, has hacked her son to death for attempting to r*pe his 19yrs old daughter.

The woman had thrown her 47-year-old son away when he tried to r*pe his daughter. But the alcoholic man flung his mother and started s*xually assaulting his 19-year-old daughter.

In the process, the woman allegedly hacked her son to death with a sickle.

The grandmother sobbed, holding on to the granddaughter as her son laid in a pool of his own blood.
She was later arrested by the police and charged with culpable homicide, leaving the teenager wondering as to who would look after her now that her grandmother was gone.

Police officers say they are sympathetic to the old woman but their hands are tied because of the law.

“If she applies for bail, the police will not oppose it,” Sivaganga superintendent of police said.

“We have instructed the investigating officers to discuss with the legal officers as to how best she can be helped, given the nature of the crime and the circumstances in which it was committed,” he added.

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